If the lamb lives
The wolf will not eat.
Satiate the wolf
And the lamb will not survive.
The law is written,
We must all seek our own journey to the knife.
Life can only live
By devouring life.

So bring your teeth to my throat,
Your nails to my skin.
Tear through my flesh,
Let the feasting begin.
Bite through my tongue,
Then swallow it whole,
Wearing my blood
Like a gown to the ball.

Savour my cheeks
As a favourite dish
Then suck out my eyes
With your most secret kiss.
Flavour my heart
In sweet basil and lime,
Then rip out my lungs,
One at a time,
Anoint them with cloves
And fruits of the vine.

Feed on me,
As I must feed on you.
The she wolf feeds her cubs,
The ram feeds the ewe.