A simple philosophy: style is always subordinate to content.
Style and technique are necessary to bring the subject to life,
but if the first instinct of the observer is to admire the subtle brushstrokes
or the clever juxtaposition of forms or the delicate interplay of harmonies
or the complex rhythm that seems to underpin the words.
Then the work has failed. Most of the time we fail - but not always.
Sounds are the most subtle form of transportation.
Listen with the ears of a traveler and the heart of a child.
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The role of the artist has never changed. It is simply to make tangible all the hidden creeds, dreams, hopes,fears and aspirations of the tribe.
To lure, seduce, cajole or drag the reluctant observer into the form
behind the form, the word behind the word, the sound behind the sound.
And transport them from the world of shadows into the world of substance
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To come later
Erica on a Beach
Salome - Audio extract
Meeting with the
Grand Grammarian
Tinder Box
Between a Leopard and a Lamb