Page 58/Woman under Saturn
Page 44/Towering Woman
Page 49/Sunrise
Page 59/Reaper
Page 50/Kingdom of Ghosts
Page 54/Flesh and the Moon
Page 48/Green Poet
Page 46/Woman in Shadows
Page 45/Happy Smoker
Page 51/Lost Girl
Page 53/Lovers on Desolation Row
Page 57/Prisoner of Geometry
Page 61/Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eyes
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Page 55/Adolescent Girl
Page 60/Goth Girl
Page 7/Ghosts of Aberfan1
Page 72/Ghosts of Karlova Most
Page 73/Woman Staring into Space
Page 77/Man Staring at the Sea
Page 74/Woman under an Olive Tree
Page 76/Hipster
Page 75/Woman and the Lake