Page 34/Ginger Poet
Page 13/Marika in Autumn
Page 80,Izumi in Purple
Page 14/Mystral
Page 16/Grey Desert
Page 9/Man Offering his Son to the Lake
Page 82/Girl in A Blue Beret
Page 33/Women Red Tunic
Page 11, Man in a Red Shirt
Page 15/Mirage
Page 35/Dancer in Blue and Orange
Page 81/Sea Eagle
Page 10, Guantanamo Chessmen
Page 36/Lovers in Red and Blue
Page 38, Morning
Page 17/DS Intro
Page 12/Watcher on the Dunes
Page 18/Lammas
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Page 37/Woman in a Red Skirt
Page 85/Death in an English Garden
Page 87/Gathering of the Stones
Page 86/Tea Ceremony