For if the lamb lives,
The wolf must wither and die.
The salvation of the spider
Is the falling of the fly.

Each time we love
We sacrifice a limb to make each other strong;
The children that you  bear
Are bought
With unfinished stanzas of your song.

So bring your teeth to my throat,
Your nails to my skin.
Devour and consume me,
Let the feasting begin.
Make your hands grow scissor fingers
To awaken me afresh,
See my blood reborn as mother’s milk
Trickle from my breasts.

If the lamb lives,
The wolf will not eat.
Satiate the wolf
And the lamb cannot survive
Whole unto itself.
Loving gives you courage,
Being loved gives you wealth.
Dare I love you less
Than the lamb loves the wolf.

          Lee Allane